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Friday, February 5, 2010

Aishwarya Rai Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped

Scene I
Location : Mumbai Airport

Date:4th Feb,2010

I had recently won a new Reality show in India called the “ Sabse Bada Fan Kaun” in which as a reward I got a chance to spend a whole week with Aishwarya Rai in Dubai alone . Though she had become a bahu of the Bacchan family now but I had always had a crush on her since I was 13 . I always knew that she was out of my league but I had always had the desire to spend time with her some day , and know that time had come.

I (Aditya Rastogi) was standing at the Mumbai Airport as my eyes looked up at the morning sky , then at my watch , and then i looked up once again. A smile crossed my face, as a helicopter came out of the sky. It headed right down the runway.

My eyes watched the helicopter, as it landed slowly on the airfield. Then a wide smile crossed my face, as the door opened and she walked out of the helicopter. She kissed her husband “Abhishek” on the cheek, and she walked towards me. She waved some to her fans who had gathered there to catch a glimpse of her.

She was wearing a green top and blue tight jeans and carrying an orange colour handbag with her . To even say that she was looking stunning would be an understatement on my part .

"Hello Mam," I said, as i offered her my hand.

She stopped and she looked at my hand, and then she looked up at me. "Please not out of respect , just call me Aishwarya, please?" Aishwarya then walked towards me and shook my hand ."Some of my fans do not understand the difference between me and the roles that I play."

I smiled down at the beautiful star of so many roles including that from Taal , Guru , Dhoom , Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam and so many more. "Some of your fans are small boys who would have no idea what to do with you if they had you."

Aishwarya smiled up at Me, as that amazing grin crossed those sexy lips. "Yes, I have to give grown men like my husband directions on how to touch a woman, so most of my fans do not have a clue”.

“We will be flying to Dubai in my personal plane , you see right up there” , she told as she indicated towards it .

So we boarded the plane followed by her three security personnel and I sat right beside her inside the chopper.

Aishwarya opened her bag, and she showed me the visible but very stored uniform from “Bunty Aur Babli” item song she did. Aishwarya then smiled up at Me. "I brought this for you as a gift as you are my so called “ Sabse Bada Fan”.You can gift this to your first love or the women you marry one day.”

"Yes, this damn dress, it haunts my dreams.". I then looked into the beautiful eyes of the ultra sexy Aishwarya Rai, as she closed her bag.

"I am so sorry. I hope it makes you want to go see my next movies." Aishwarya smiled up at Me, as she fighted back some fantasies that ran through her head.

"Yes , sure I will." I smiled down at the beautiful Aishwarya Rai.” How did you get thin in that movie , I saw the trailer?"

Aishwarya stopped and she looked at Me and she blinked hard. Aishwarya then turned her body to the me and she told me. "I did A LOT of training in acting and gym before I took the role of Meghna in that movie." her lusty lips.

“Well I’m doing my medical studies”, I replied.

“Any specification?”.

“Well , I’m doing my study in child birth , so I will probably end up as a gynaecologist”, hearing this Aishwarya started laughing a little .

The sudden laughter that came up her face tilted her hand a little and she split some coffee on her dress . She immediately got up as the coffee was quite hot and it must had felt . So I quickly took a towel from the flight attendent and started to sweep the coffee off from her top . I’could feel her breasts as the towel in my hand was going over them . It immediately gave me a quick hard on . Though she felt better know but it had completely ruined her top as large coffee stains were left behind.

“Ohh no , the dress is ruined “, she replied adjusting her top.

“I would recommend that you take it off”, realising what I had just said I understood what a stupid comment I had passed.

“Hey what do you mean Mr.? “, she replied in rage .

I realised that I had to quickly reply something and the answer better be good to clear up my situation .

“I think you misunderstood a little , you can take it off and wear my blazer above it , if it isnt any problem” , I answered .

“Yes , that would be better “ , she replied as she stood up.

“Here , take my blazer and go change it inside .”

She went ahead with my blazer and I put the towel I used to wash off the coffee from her breast in the handy bag I was carrying with me as a souvenier of the day .Soon she came out and sat next to me . Only the blazer above her inners gave a great view of her cleavage with a quite distinct view of her black colored silk bra from the angle where I was seated.

“May I ask you something Mam? , if you don’t mind” , I asked with hesitation

“Ya sure , go ahead".

"Why were you laughing earlier just before the coffee spill?".

"Well nothing actually , just leave it ,lets talk something else" , she answered with some hesitation

I Picked out my digital camera from my handy bag and showed it to Aishwarya .

"What is this thing for ?"

"Just to take some photographs of my trip with you , so that I can remember in the ages to come that I once went out a women who is without any argument considered the most beautiful lady on earth ".

"Ok , to remember me in the years to come or you mean to say to masturbate while imagining them in the years to come".

"Mam , I didn’t get what you are trying to say".

"Hey aditya , don’t be so naïve . I saw the erection in your dick when you were using that towel deliberately too much on my boobs when the coffee fell".

"Sorry for that mam , I didn’t expect you to see that “, I answered in shame

“ It’s fine , I know it’s normal . I would had been surprised in that case if it wont had happen .”

"So can I take a photograph of us together right now".

"Yes , go ahead” , she said as she bent towards me for the photograph .
I Was about to take the photograph when she out of nowhere brought her lips and kissed my cheeks. I was left completely spellbound,

"I think this is a photo that you will remember for the rest of your life . Won’t you ?" , she asked while staring at me.

"Yes Aishwarya"

We started to talk about our childhood and how we both grew up and the time just went by at a great pace . In no time it was soon announced that we would be landing at the dubai airport any moment .

A limo was waiting there to take us to the our hotel which was at around 25 minutes drive from there. Most of the car drive went by without us taking much.

Scene II

Location : Crown Plaza Hotel
Date:4th Feb,2010

We reached the hotel in no time and were handed the keys to our rooms .

“Aishwarya , can I stay in your room . I don’t want to alone" .

“You must be kidding . You mean to stay that I will be sharing bed with you .”

“No mam I will sleep on the couch . It’s just that I got this chance for a trip with you . I don’t want to spend half the week sitting in another room without you ."

“ But …..”

“ Mam you can be rest assured that I wont try to make any move on you" .

“You better not.”

“So is it a yes ?"

Ok , she asked the luggage guy to carry both the bags in the same room .

Soon we got to our room . It was simply marvelous both in its size and facilities provided .

I Was not even finished looking at the room when my eyes were greeted to one of the most beautiful image that a guy could ever imagine in his life . Aishwarya took off the blazer she was wearing in front of me . She was standing right in front of me in her black colored bra and blue jeans . She took out a black top form her luggage and wore it . I could almost feel her nipples trying to poke out from her tight bra.

“What are you staring at?”

“ Nothing" , I answered .

"You better change your clothes if you want , we are going to the spa for a massage . It's around 9 and i wont able to get a good night's sleep if i dont get a massage.".

"A spa? , I’ll not be comfortable there"

"Trust me , we are leaving get dressed."


"Hey , I agreed when you asked me to stay with in same room . Now its your turn."

"I couldn’t say no to her three times!!!!!".
Scene 3
Location : Hotel Spa
Date : 4th Feb ,2010

“Hello my name is Salim , I am a huge fan of your work “ . He shaked her hand, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes."

“Can I get some treatment here?" , Aishwarya asked .

"You may get whatever you wish to from here." Salim smiled. as he pointed into the small room that exists off of the main room. "You may change there Mam."

“What about my friend here , who will massage him ?” , Aishwarya asked .

“Mam actually Koena is on leave , she is assigned to massage the guys. But she left a little early today”.

“SO , What now?”.

“ Sir ! , if you are okie with it , after I am finished with Mam I can massage you .”

“No , Aishwarya you get it done today , I will drop by sometime tomorrow here.”

“Ok , as you wish “, Aishwarya answered. “ Where is the changing room ? “.

Salim smiled. as he pointed into the small room that exists off of the main room. "You may change there Mam."

Aishwarya walked out of the room to get ready and meanwhile Salim was making arrangements for the session.

“Salim , I have a proposal for you , if you may like?”

“I am listening sir” , he replied.

“What will you take to walk away from here ?” , I asked.

Salim smiled and answered “ Sir just 800 dirhams“ .

“Here take my watch as I don’t have the money right now , its quite more in worth than your 800 dirhams .”

“Ok , sir I ‘ll leave you two birds alone “ , Salim answered as he slid the watch into his pocket and walkout out through the door .

Moments later Aishwarya walked into the room with her hair loose and nothing but just a towel wrapped around her . Her long tanned legs were nothing less than perfect .

The only thing I could tell at that moment was that if a cock didn’t get aroused by what I was seeing , it didn’t deserve to be out in the open.

“ Where is Salim ? “ , Aishwarya asked as she tried to dry off her hair with her bare hands.

“The poor fellow had to leave , some family emergency”.

“ Ohh , lets leave then to our room”.

“But without the massage .”

“But there is no alternative “.

“I Could give it a try. “

“You seriously ? “ , Aishwarya answered as she adjusted her towel to reveal minimal cleavage .

“ Yes why not ? “

“Ok , then”.

I then told her that I would be back in a minute after I had washed my hands, and that she should lie down on her stomach.

I returned a minute later, and there she was, with a towel lightly covering her back, obviously naked under the towel.

I could see her large, nicely round breasts from the side. I had a hard time remembering where to start.

I wanted to simply jump on the bed because she was she looking so dam hoT.

I decided to put on some light sensual music and made the lights a little dim to support the aura of the room .

“Mam , you can relax now as the session is about to start and I would try to give you a massage that you won’t forget ever in your lifetime .”

“Hope so , but remember work only on the back side of my body , you won’t be allowed to come up on the front and the most important be in your limits” , she replied .

I focused on the job at hand and warmed some Raspberry scented lotion between my Hands. I lightly started working between her shoulders, softly caressing her upper body. I switched to a warm Lavender oil as started applying more pressure, working from her neck to her mid back, and along her sides.

I then switched gears, and started working on each leg. I softly held her beautiful long legs, and moved my hand slowly up each. Each time I would move further and further up each leg, until I reached her tight, smooth ass.

I then cupped her ass and lightly massaged it with some warm oil, rotating around each cheek for a while. She moaned softly, and I asked her if she wanted me to continue, which she said yes.

I started applying a little more pressure, and would take both hands and slide them up her cheeks to the mid of her back and then up her spine. When I reversed, I would travel down her spine, and continue slowly and lightly between each cheek. I started to repeat this, getting closer and closer to her womanhood. She started to rise slightly off the bed, as I got closer and closer. Each time she would sigh and breathe deeply.

As Aishwarya lied on the table, and I massagad her neck she enjoyed the feeling that i did to her sexy body. My hands had not left her neck yet, and she perhaps could see my erection under the table.

She then started to spread her legs further open, and this gave me closer access to her inner thigh, as well as a wonderful view of her glistening pussy.

I then shifted once again to her inner legs and thighs, getting so close to her mound, yet shying away at the last second. She was now breathing heavy, and her body was undulating under my fingers.

Just when she was sure that I was going to finally touch her sex, I switched back to her spine and ass. This time, I was more brazen as I allowed my finger to slide down the crack of her ass, and just sit near her mound. I could feel her tense up as I came close, almost without words begging me to slide in.

This went on for a little bit, and then I finally took my finger and traced her outer lips. She sighed loudly and whispered yessss! I used one hand, with the fingers spread apart to tease the outer lips, while my other hand still teased her ass.

She was now gyrating on my hand as she dripped her hot juices on my fingers.

“I Think we should stop now , enough for the day “ , Aishwarya smiled and ordered.”

“Didn’t you like it what I had to offer ? “ , I asked .

“Actually I feel like 19 again . It was a great session , its just that I thnks its enough for today “ , she replied as she covered her body with the towel .

“As you wish Aishwarya !!”.

“Two more things I wanted to clear out . I allowed you to touch some compromising parts of my body so it should not get out in the open that I allowed you that .”

“I will carry it to my grave , you can be rest assured . Nobody will ever come to know about it. What is the second thing ? “ , I asked .

“Adjust your cock a little , its poking out too much from its restricted territory “ , she smiled as she said that .

“Ok Aishwarya I will see to it .”

“I’m going to the changing room to dress up again . Meet me at our room in 15 minutes .”

“Actually I was thinking of going to the bar to catch some drinks for the moment . I will be there in some time .”

So we both said bye to each other and parted our ways for some time.

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