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Friday, February 5, 2010


Priyanka chopra tried to keep her hands from trembling.Her heart pounded and her mouth felt dry. It'd beendays since she had last got a good night sleep. She
stared out the window of her mercedes, as she was being driven to her brother Rahul's house.

Priyanka had recently been stalked by one of her fans.She had been sent threatening letters, received frightening phone calls, and was even followed once.
She feared for her life. Her bother had told her to go stay at his place for a few days while the authorities catch the stalker. Once the car arrived to her brother's house she felt slightly at ease.

"Here you go Mam," said her driver as he parked the limo in front of her brother's house.

Priyanka sighed and grabbed her purse. The driver got her two suitcases and they both walked to they door. Rahul was already at the door waiting for his
little sister. His smile made her heart melt. Rahul was 24 years old and had a 9 month old daughter. His wife died soon after the birth of their only child "Sania" , So he lived alone at his house with her daughter.

"Rahul!" Priyanka cried out and ran to her brother wrapping her arms around him.

"Whoa! Hey didi!" Rahul replied kissing her forehead.

Priyanka stared up at him. "I've missed you bro."

"I've missed you too. You look great!"

Priyanka blushed. "So do you."

Priyanka couldn't stop staring at him. His hair was a bit long, dark brown and his smile, was so captivating.

"Come on in sis," he told her and then grabbed her suitcases from the driver.

He closed the door and led her to the huge living room. A skylight brought in the beautiful sun. She flopped down on the couch and took a deep breath.

"Where's my little niece sania?" , she asked him.

"She's in her room having a nap", he answered.

"Ok then let her sleep , i will check her out later".

Rahul sat next to her and held her hand..

"How you been?"

She opened her eyes and tears quickly streamed down her face. "I've been awful! I can't sleep, can't eat, I can't do anything!"

Rahul wiped her tears and held her. She placed her head on his chest and sobbed. "I'm sorry sis."

"It's not your fault. I guess it's the price I have to pay for being famous."

"You're very popular didi, and so very beautiful. You are bound to have stalkers, but still that doesn't make it right. If I ever find this guy I'll kill him."

Priyanka snuggled closer to her brother. "Rahul thank you for taking me in."

He cupped her face and made her look up at him. "I love you didi. I will protect you."

He leaned down and kissed her cheeks softly, just as he'd always done growing up with her. They were innocent kisses. She smiled and her eyes began to

"You look tired didi. Let me take you to my room so you can take a nap. Don't worry there is security outside and I'll be here."

She moaned. "Mmm thank you."

He saw she didn't move so he took the liberty to pick her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. She was light as a feather. He looked at her face so
peaceful and beautiful. He lay her on his bed watching her dark locks fall on the bed first. He couldn't stop staring at her. The white tight top she
wore rode up slightly showing off her flat tummy. Her black jeans were tight on her showing every sexy curve she possessed.

"Didi you are so damn pretty." He muttered to himself and left her on his bed so she could sleep.

After a few hours, Priyanka finally woke up as she stretched her body on her brother's bed. His cologne lingered in the sheets. She rolled around on
his bed feeling happy for once in a long time.

She got up and tossed her long hair back. She could smell something cooking in the kitchen as soon as she stepped out. She smiled when she saw her brother busy in the kitchen.

"Mmm something smells good."

Rahul laughed. "Well I can't cook that well, but I hope you still enjoy sis."

Priyanka walked to him and saw he was cooking biryani. "How sweet! I love biryani!"

"I know you do."

She giggled and kissed his cheek. He grabbed her and held her in his arms. "You sleep ok?"

She nodded. His body pressed against hers. She reached up to her face and kissed his cheeks, this time the kiss was a few seconds longer, making her toes curl.

"So when do we eat?" She asked anxiously.

"In about five minutes. You can go freshen up and I'll have it served for you."

She went ahead to freshen up and came back to see the table was set with a hot plate of biryani. Her mouth watered.

"Oh my goodness! This looks delicious!" She exclaimed.

Rahul smiled and pulled out a chair for his sister. "Have a seat sis, I'll be back with the water."Rahul came back with a bottle of wine and a water bottle .

"Do you still drink didi" , he asked.

" Yes , sometimes at parties ", she answered adjusting her jeans .

"Would like some now" .


He poured Priyanka a nice full glass of wine and then sat down to pour his own. He watched his sister devour her plate.

"Hungry sis?" He joked.

Priyanka slurped up the rice dirtying her pretty lips. "Oh yeah! I was starved. I haven't had a big appetite these past few days."

Rahul continued to eat and stare at his sister. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was. It seemed that she got more beautiful as the years passed by.

After dinner, the siblings headed for the living area to watch some television. Rahul made sure to avoid putting on the news and worry his sister more. Instead, he put on the Movies channel and let his sister snuggle up against him. The sipped on the rest of the red wine as they watched classic films.

Priyanka almost jumped up. Her hear was racing as she stared at the phone. Rahul quickly picked up the phone.


"Uh yes hold on."

"Here, it's the police."

Priyanka took the phone slowly. "Hello?"

"Priyanka chopra? , good news is that we know who your stalker is"

"Well then, arrest him so I can have a normal life again!" Priyanka pleaded.

"It's not that easy. He might be armed and very dangerous. We have a plan to catch him but he's been moving around a lot, searching for you so we are just
trying to keep up with him."

"You have to catch him soon!"

"I know we do and we will. Mam you are safe right now at your brother's home. Just stay there until further notice."

"I will. Thank you."

She hung up the phone and paced the room. Rahul grabbed her hands and made her stop. "didi? What's wrong?"

"They said they know who my stalker is but are still trying to catch him because he is looking for me. Oh God! He's trying to hurt me!" She cried.

Rahul put his arms around his sister. He held her, stroking her soft hair. "I told you that he will not hurt you. I will die before anyone hurts you."

Priyanka sobbed and looked up at her brother. "Rahul I'm just so scared. I wouldn't want anyone to hurt you because of me."

Rahul kissed her nose. "Like I said, I would die for you sis. I love you so much."

Priyanka choked on her tears. "I love you too. You mean the world to me." She put her arms around him again.

Rahul comforted his sister until she finally stopped crying. He wiped her last tears and kissed her cheek. "It's getting late. Why don't you go shower up and get
ready for bed? I have to shower as well."

"I wish we could take a bath together." Priyanka blurted without realizing what she'd said.

Rahul was surprised "Uh... well we haven't taken a shower together since we were kids and I think you and I have grown a lot since then."

Priyanka laughed. "I know, I just don't want to be alone."

"Look go shower up and I will be right outside the bathroom. Then when I shower, I will have one of my security men here in the house and the other three
will stay outside."

Priyanka sighed. "Yeah okay, I suppose that sounds fair."

"Now go on and shower up."

As Priyanka showered Rahul waited outside the bathroom, as promised. He desperately wanted to go in the shower with his sexy sister and touch her, kiss
her deeply and make love to her. It was wrong, but he had wanted it more than anything.

He paced the hallways as he waited. He thought about her situation. It was a scary situation indeed. He wouldn't let anyone try to hurt his sister. He didn't
want to make it seem like he was worried, but he was.He knew he'd have to say calm just for her.

In the shower, Priyanka closed her eyes as the warm water hit her body. She was missing her boyfriend Shahid Kapoor . it had been a long time since she had seen him she could still feel Shahid'skiss on her lips, his strong arms around her body and could see his gorgeous smile. She ran her hands down
to her breasts gently pinching her sensitive nipples as she continued to think of him.

By the time she knew it, Priyanka's hand was between her legs rubbing on her
pussy. She spread her pussy lips open massaging her swollen clit. She opened her
eyes and realized she'd been in the shower a little too long. She finished rinsing off and headed out.

A few minutes later, he heard the door open. Priyanka stepped out wearing a towel around her body and her head.

"Have a good shower?" Rahul asked.

"Yes! Thank you. I needed that."

"Ok well, I'm going to shower up now and Ramesh, one of the security guys, is in the living room watching out for you."

"Okay. Thanks Rahul."

"No problem." rahul replied and stepped into the bathroom ready for his shower.

Moments later, Rahul was in his bedroom trying to find a decent pair of shorts to wear. He grabbed a black silk pair and slipped them on. He then threw on a
white t-shirt and went out to the living room to see his sister.

Priyanka was talking to Ramesh. She was laughing so sweetly, the laughed that always touched his heart.She was in her silky dark blue pajama pants and tiny
black tank top.

"Hey ," Priyanka said turning to her brother.

"I'm done with my shower now, thanks for everything Ramesh".

The security guy nodded and walked away slowly never taking his eyes off Priyanka. Once he was gone Rahul turned to his sister.

"So what were you two talking about?"

"Not much. He was just telling me about all the other actresses he's had to work for. I tell you bro, it's a crazy world out there."

"I could have told you that."

Priyanka giggled and got up from the couch. She stretched her body making her tiny top go up and revealing her tight tummy again. Rahul gulped.

"I'm really tired. I guess I should get check on Sania and then go off to bed."

"Y-yeah. Me too."

"Rahul, can I sleep with you, tonight?" Priyanka asked.

Rahul's heart raced. "You want to sleep with me? On the same bed?"

"Yes buddhu!" Priyanka teased.

"Well I-I guess so, yes."

Priyanka headed to his room and turned to look at her brother once again. "I'm going to bed already. You coming or what?"

Rahul tried hard to keep himself calm. "I'm right behind you sis, bringing Sania along.She sleeps beside the bed in her small nursery.

Once in her brother's bedroom, Priyanka pulled the covers off the bed and jumped in making herself comfortable. Rahul stood and laughed.

"Hog up the sheets why don't you."

"Oh come on, it's not everyday that I get to spend the night with you."

Rahul climbed into bed with his sister.She let him have some of the covers. They both got comfy in the bed and rahul turned off the lamp next to
him. The darkness of the room didn't frighten Priyanka. She knew her brother was there to protect her. She nestled her body close to his.

Rahul wrapped his arm around his sister's waist as her butt pressed against his cock. He moved back slightly to avoid getting a hard on, but Priyanka moved close to him again. Her warmth, her smell, sexy body close to him was too much. Rahul shifted his body away again turning on the lamp.

Priyanka turned to face her brother. "What's wrong Rahul?"

Rahul ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. "Nothing, it's just that... well... you are getting too close to me sis."

Priyanka blushed. "Does that bother you? I didn't think it would."

"Well it doesn't really bother me, but I think almost any human on Earth would get a bit... excited with you being so close to them like you were with me."

Priyanka moved closer to him. "But you and I are brother and sister. I mean it should be ok for us to snuggle against each other right?"

"It should but..."

Rahul knew he was making a big deal out of nothing. He and Priyanka shared a special brother and sister love, nothing else. "You're right. I'm overreacting sis.
Let's go back to bed."

Priyanka was satisfied. Rahul turned off the lights and once again she snuggled next to him. His warm, strong body felt so good against hers. She turned her
head for a brief moment and kissed his cheeks softly.Rahul fought hard to keep his cock from hardening.

"What was that for?" He asked.

She giggled. "Goodnight kiss. What else?"

Rahul laughed nervously. "I knew that. Night sis."

The both fell fast asleep in each other's arms.
Rahul woke up the next morning shifting his body, pressing it tighter against the warm body next to him. He moved very slowly enjoying the small pleasure his
cock was feeling. Suddenly he opened his eyes and realized he was in bed with his sister. He gasped and quickly pulled back. Priyanka slowly turned over and

"Well good morning."

Priyanka felt his face turn beet red. His morning wood was throbbing. "M-morning. How did you sleep?"

Priyanka looked as if she were in a daze. "I slept so good. I haven't slept that good in a long time!"

"I'm glad sis. Listen Simran should be here in a while to make us breakfast. She cooks and baby sits for Sania"

"Good." She winked at her brother and got up.

Rahul watched his sister stretch her lovely body. His eyes devoured every beautiful curve she had in those few seconds.

I'm gonna go wash up."

"Ok then. I'm going to lay here for a while."

Priyanka left the room and Rahul quickly took his big hard cock out of his boxer shorts. He gripped it Tightly with his hand and began to beat his meat. He'd
never been hornier in his entire life! He knew it wouldn't belong before he would cum. He could still remember the feel of his sister's body pressed tightly
against him.

"Oooh fuck!" He moaned as he jerked off.

It began to get hot under the covers so Rahul kicked them off and continued to masturbate. Thoughts of Priyanka whirled in his mind. The quick kisses
they shared were incredibly hot, especially the ones that lasted over 3 seconds. Rahul felt his balls swell up full of his cum ready to shoot out.

"I got time, I have time to cum and she will never know," he said to himself.
His cock twitched in his hand, he knew he was going to explode.

"Bhai" , Priyanka burst through the door as her brother shot out his cum.

Rahul tried to control himself but it was too late! Hot spurts of cum were shooting out of his cock violently as his sister watched with wide eyes. He
couldn't stop if he wanted.

Priyanka felt paralyzed. She knew she should keep looking but she did. It was as if her brother's huge cock was hypnotizing her. Long ropes of cum shot out
on his chest and the last shots landed on his belly. Their eyes met and priyanka quickly closed the door tried to catch her breath.

Rahul groaned feeling the sticky cum all over his hands and body. "Shit! You really fucked things up!
She needs your help and you go acting like a dog." Rahul scolded himself.

He grabbed some tissue on the nightstand and wiped himself off. He feared going outside to face his sister.

Priyanka's heart raced as she stood outside the hallway. She leaned up against the wall. Images of her brother's big cock kept coming back to her. It was so
big, so hard, she longed to touch it. She kept envisioning his cum shooting out from his cock and only wished he could explode that way inside of her.

She decided to go on to the kitchen following the delicious aroma of home cooked breakfast. She saw Simran in the kitchen happily cooking.

"Hello," Priyanka said stepping into the kitchen.

Simran,blushed. "Good morning Priyanka mam. Wow it's so nice to meet you."

Priyanka shook simran's hand. "Nice to meet you too. So you're the one who usually cooks for my brother?"

Simran smiled. "Actually I just started this job a few months ago. I'M a student also and doing this work for some money to pay my fees"
"I see. Well everything smells great."

"Have a seat Mam, I'll serve your breakfast."

Priyanka took a seat and simran began to pile her plate up with delicious food. She heard footsteps and she quickly froze. She knew it was her brother.

"Good morning simran."

"Hello sir, I just met your lovely sister."

Rahul stood by the table for a moment. He realized Priyanka did not want to look him in the eye. He felt so awful for having had his sister catch him jerking

"Hey didi," he finally said quietly.

Priyanka slowly turned to face him. She knew her face was red. "Hey," she responded shyly.

Rahul took a seat next to her and nervously grabbed the morning paper that was nicely stacked on the table. Priyanka stared at her brother noticing he too
looked uneasy.

"Here you go Mam," simran announced setting Priyanka's plate down.

Priyanka looked at her plate, which consisted of scrambled eggs, French toast and a side bowl of fruit. Simran poured a big glass of orange juice
for Priyanka as well as a cup of coffee.

"You want the same thing sir?" simran asked.

Rahul looked up. "Not really. Just some coffee and toast."

"You should eat better," Priyanka said softly.

Rahul smiled shyly. "I know but I'm not that hungry."

"Don't worry about earlier. It's ok," Priyanka said placing her hand over her brother's.

Rahul' heart raced. Just the slight touch of her soft hand was making him hard again. "Thanks. I'm sorry about that."

Priyanka shrugged. "Let's forget about it."

"How can I forget about something like that?" Rahul asked himself.

After breakfast, Priyanka went and stood by the window, which had a view of her brother's beautiful garden. She stared at the bright flowers and wished
she could step outside for one minute to touch them.

"You like the flowers don't you didi?" Rahul asked. Priyanka jumped up, startled by her brother's voice.

"Yes. They are so pretty."

Rahul smiled and opened the sliding door. He stepped outside and pulled a few flowers out. He came back with three roses, red, yellow, and pink. Priyanka's
heart melted.

"Here you go sis," Rahul said handing her the flowers.

"Aww Rahul that's so sweet!" She took the flowers in
her hands and smelled them.

"I got you the three colors. The yellow is for friendship; the pink is to show you how pretty you are, and the red is..."

Priyanka waited.

"The red is for..."


Rahul took a deep breath. "The red is for how much I love you."

Priyanka stood speechless. She wasn't sure if he meant love in a brother and sister way or more. She threw her arms around her brother and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Rahul put his arms around his sister's tiny waist and kissed her back. Their lips pressed harD against each other for a few seconds.

Rahul thought he'd cum right then and there when he felt his sister slowly part her lips. He followed her lead and parted his lips as well. Priyanka's tongue slid into her brother's mouth and the siblings began to share a long wet kiss. Rahul' toes curled and he felt as if his heart would burst out of his chest.

Priyanka loved the feel of her brother's lips pressed against hers. He was a damn good kisser. His hands slid up and down her back while she pressed her body
against his. It was a moment of passion, romance and love. A moment, neither sibling could forget. In the midst of their kiss, the siblings forgot where they
were until they heard Simran's voice.

"Ahem!" She cleared her throat.

Priyanka quickly pulled away from her brother and Rahul took a deep breath hoping Simran would not see his hard on.

"Sorry to... interrupt, but there is a police officer on the line wanting to speak with you Mam." Simran said handing the cordless phone.

Priyanka's face was flushed. "Uh y-yes of course." She put her flowers down and grabbed the phone.

Rahul paced back and forth next to his sister hoping the police had some good news.

"Hello?" Priyanka's voice was shaky. "Oh? Oh my God! Yes! I can go. Oh thank you so much!"

She hung up the phone and looked at her brother. "Rahul, they caught my stalker! The caught him!"

Rahul felt his heart flutter and rushed to throw his arms around his sister. Finally she was safe. "I'm so glad baby. I'm so glad."

He stared into her face and saw she was crying. She looked so relived. "I need to go sign some papers because this is going to court. I have to show all the threatening letters I received from him, as well as the recorded phone calls."

"You want me to go with you?" He asked wiping her tears.

She smiled. "Yes. Would you?"

"I'd be happy to."

"I'm going to need you there to hold my hand."

"I'll be there Didi." He kissed her forehead and held her in his arms once again.
When Priyanka and Rahul reached the court they came to find out that the judge was on leave . The court was adjourned for the day and the stalker was released till the next hearing as no visible evidences could be presented to the court .

Priyanka and Rahul got home later on that evening. They had dinner at a small romantic restaurant just before getting home.

Rahul put his car keys down on the coffee table and Priyanka took off her jacket and laid it on the couch.

"That bastard is still free , I can’t believe it," Priyanka finally spoke.

Rahul nodded. They stood only inches away from each other. The lights were dim and Rahul was nervous.

"Yeah tell me about it. I'm just glad you are safe now. I don't know what I would have done if anything ever happened to you."

Priyanka smiled and hugged her brother. "Thank you for everything. You don't know how much I appreciate it. You took time from your busy schedule to make sure to come to the court."

"I would do it again too, at the next hearing," Rahul responded.

She reached up and kissed his cheek and then gave him a peck on the lips. Rahul wanted to kiss her lips again but realized it was wrong. He quickly pulled
away before Priyanka could do anything else.

She stared at her brother, puzzlingly. "Rahul you ok?"

"I'm fine. I'm just tired. I'm going to take a shower and then head off to bed."

"Yeah I guess I'm tired too. I could use a long warm bath."

"Feel free to use the other bathroom. Has a huge bathtub."

"Only if you join me," Priyanka thought to herself.

"Sounds great," she said out loud.

"I got different bath scents that you can use for your bath," Rahul told his sister.

"What do you suggest?" Priyanka asked.

"Hmm... jasmine is nice or even vanilla."

Priyanka smiled. "I'll surprise you with the scent then."

Rahul nodded and watched her leave to the room to get her clothes and head off to take a warm bath. He wanted to go join her, but instead he went to take his
shower, alone.

After his shower, Rahul went to his bedroom and since the night was chilly, he slipped on a pair of pajama pants and a white t-shirt. He went through his
voicemail messages to see who had called. Afterwards, he turned on the TV to watch the late night news. He was almost dozing off when he heard his sister's

Rahul dropped the TV remote when he saw his sister step into the room wearing nothing but a towel. Her long black hair hung loose and wet. Her pouty lips slowly formed a sexy smile as she closed the door
behind her.

"D-did you have a nice bath?" Rahul stuttered.

She nodded and walked closer to him. Rahul lay in his bed looking up at his beautiful sister. He saw her hands slowly begin tugging at the towel that was
wrapped around her body.

Stop Didi, please stop. Don't tempt me Rahul said silently.

She didn't stop. She did one quick tug on the towel and it quickly fell to the floor. Rahul gasped and his cock grew hard within seconds. He looked at his sister's naked body. She was so perfect. Her beautiful breasts were just the right size and her dark pink nipples were erect. He stared down her body devouring
the sight of her beauty. Her flat tummy her creamy thighs and then her shaved pussy.

"Oh my God," Rahul whispered.

Priyanka grabbed the remote that he dropped and turned off the TV. "I was thinking Rahul, can I sleep with you again tonight?"

Rahul felt his face turn red. "B-but you're not wearing any clothes."

"Hmmm you don't catch on very quick do you bro?" She teased and climbed on top of him.

Rahul couldn't move. He was completely mesmerized by his lovely sister. "Are you sure about this? I don't want you to do this in such a vulnerable state."

She nodded. "Don't say that..You have done so much for me in past few days , I can never forget it." Her words so sweet, made his heart melt.

He reached up to touch her face and damp hair. "I love you too. With all of my heart."

"Then show me how much you love me. You know I can still feel your kiss from earlier this morning. I want to kiss you some more Rahul."

Rahul wanted to kiss her all night but he realised that maybe the cause of Priyanka’s such reaction was the heavy drinking she had done at the restaurant before to get her mind of the stalker . He didn’t want to take advantage of her in this position and ruin their relationship forever .

She leaned down and planted a kiss on Rahul' lips. Rahul couldn’t resist any longer. Their tongues caressed against one another's slowly. Rahul
heard her moaning into his kiss.

Priyanka cooed as she broke their kiss.

"Let's make love baby. I've dreamt about this for so long."

She smiled wickedly. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?."

Rahul blushed and stared at his sister as she began to pull his t-shirt up. "Take this off."

"RING , RING , RING" , the telephone rang much to the dismay of both of them.

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