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Friday, February 5, 2010

First Anniversary continues..............................

Rohith undid and removed her blouse and skirt and thrilled to the see her breasts clad in a semi nude cut bra. He was glad to see his beautiful sexy wife only in a stylish bra and thong like panty. In the dim light in the living room her body glowed like sugar-speckled honey.

"You remind me of a delicious cake covered in hundreds and thousands of cream," Rohith said as he held her in her nakedness.

"You're so charming to me," she said with passions of joy.

In the main hall Rohith switched on the music player playing a soft slow-dance. They danced slowly, murmuring and smiling. Dancing around the living room, Sheela stripped him gently, undoing and opening his shirt, kissing him, sucking his nipples, caressing his body.

"Mm, yes," she murmurs, tonguing his nipple. "I love fucking."

"Me too," he chuckles, squeezing her breasts.

They had contained their hunger and lust for each other for far too long and rushed up the stairs to their bed room. Her breasts and nipples were swollen with desire and the gorgeously pinkish-red flower of her womanhood blooming wide open between her legs was waiting longingly to be pollinated. She kissed him wantonly, flipping her tongue against his lips, flicking open the clasp of his trousers and pushing her hand into his crotch. "I want to be fucked by you. I want your cock in my cunt.”

She undid the zipper of his trousers and they puddle to his feet. His erection was clearly visible under the underwear. She pushed down the thin cloth and fondled his cock lovingly, pumping it in her fist, grinding her crotch erotically against it.

Rohith guided her to stand before the big mirror, the same mirror in front of which she had dressed up earlier. He moved behind her and pulled her body close. She watched in the mirror as his hands moved over her body. She pressed back against him, her hips undulating while her buttocks ground against his belly and hips.

Slowly, he began to remove her last clothing. As his lips brushed against her hair and neck, his hands moved to her boobs, cupping them softly before beginning to squeeze them with a tenderness she know only Rohith can do. Her nipples responded to his touch, hardening against his palms through the material. He took each nipple between his thumb and finger and played with them, rubbing his thumb along the length and over the tips.

He pulled the bra straps from her shoulders. His lips found her skin and began to bestow soft kisses over her shoulders and back. She could feel the familiar burning now as it began between her legs and moved over her lower body. Sheela watched in the mirror as his lips and hands moved over her. She wanted to savor every moment as his man took her. She felt him unclasp the bra and free her breasts. The bra dropped to the floor and his fingertips now moved over the large, firm mounds, toying now and then with her nipples before resuming their massaging and squeezing.

"God, you are so beautiful," he whispered as he reached down and lowered her panties to the floor. She was now entirely naked. Romance filled the room as both Sheela and Rohith continued down their road of passion.

She turned to him and they embraced and kissed again. Her breasts pressed to his chest, her hips to his. Pleasure flowed through her as her hard nipples grazed his chest hair. Finally, she pulled from him and looked at him, like many times before, at her hubby’s body. Rohith was handsome, sexy man, with a deep, muscular chest, broad shoulders, a flat, hard belly, high hips and limbs that bulged with muscle. He had fine, chiseled features, a square jaw, dark eyes and a sexily weather-beaten, clean-shaven face. His cock, she knew from past experience, was wonderful, over seven inches long. It was thick, with veins bulging at various points along the shaft and a crown that was magnificent. It was, to her, a powerful, ultimate symbol of manhood. It pleased her that her man was so well-endowed. She took in every detail of this male organ that would eventually be inside her juicy pussy.

Her fingers work his cock gently, tenderly, deftly. His penis thickened and stirs and begins to harden more at her touch. Slowly her fingers moved up the shaft. She felt it begin to harden in her grasp as slowly, she stroked it. She held the head in her palm and moved her thumb over the soft, velvety skin. It continued to grow by the second as she rubbed the head and firm ridge that surrounded it. She could not take her eyes off of it as it grew ever larger. She moved her other hand to hold it now with both. She wanted to master every detail of this enormous machine.

He began to quietly moan with pleasure as she stroked him. She pulled the skin of the shaft toward the base as tightly as she could and saw it extend to its fullness. The head swelled and pulsed. Please, God, don't let this evening ever end, she prayed.

Rohith pulled from her and urged her toward the bed. He laid her gently on the mattress, her head on the pillow, and moved beside her. Laying his full length upon hers, he kissed her once again as his hands roamed her body. This kiss was more urgent and she could not sink her tongue deep enough into his mouth.

Her heart pounded with excitement as his hands found her breasts, played with her nipples, then moved down her belly, and caressed her thighs. Her legs spread wide and she strained her hips toward his hand, praying he would find the wetness pouring from between her legs. But he avoided it, allowing his fingertips only to graze her opening as they passed from thigh to thigh.

His lips left hers and began a slow journey down her body. She lowered her eyes to watch him as his lips left a wet trail along her chest before arriving at her breasts. His hand lifted one to his mouth and he sucked her nipple into his mouth. She moaned with desire and placed her hand on his head, holding him tenderly as he suckled her. He sucked the nipple deep inside, locking his lips against the aureole, while he licked its tip with his tongue, bathing it, soaking it with his saliva.

Shock waves of pleasure shot from her nipple to her wet genitals but still he ignored that center of desire between her legs. He moved his mouth to her other breast and gave it the same tender treatment. Her nipples shined in the dim light with his wetness.

Finally, he began to move lower, over her firm belly until he arrived at the V formed by her legs. She could not take her eyes off of him. "Now, please, Rohith, now... don't make me wait any longer,' she begged in a voice she did not recognize. And at last her wait was over as he moved to settle between her legs.
Rohith reached for a pillow and placed it under her hips, raising them for him to feast upon. She took in this vision of him, kneeling before her between her legs, ready to give her the pleasure she had desired for so many times. She pulled her knees to her chest, spreading and exposing herself totally to him.

After one long gaze into her eyes and a smile that reassured her, Rohith lowered his head between Sheela's legs and she watched as his mouth covered her opening. "Oh, God, yes, yes," she moaned as tears filled her eyes and her skin seemed to explode between her legs. He sucked softly, taking her into his mouth, tasting her virginal fluids as they flowed over his lips. He released her and began to softly kiss around her opening, nibbling at the lips that guarded it. He was driving her crazy, as she knew an even greater pleasure awaited her.

He formed his tongue into a hard little post and probed her opening. She felt it as it pried open her wet pussy lips and began to enter her. Ever so slowly, his tongue entered her pussy hole, lapping at the soft walls as it probed deeper. When it was as deep as he could get it, he moved it inside her and she felt herself begin to climb the heights of pleasure.

He began to move his tongue in and out of her, slowly withdrawing it until just its tip remained, and then sliding it back into her. His mouth formed a perfect circle around her opening as the tongue moved into her at a faster and faster pace. She began to tremble. This man, her man, was so good at what he was doing. She did not know how long she would be able to hold back as she felt herself reaching a peak she had never experienced before.

Suddenly, his focused changed. His lips moved to her clit and sucked it into his mouth where the tip of his tongue bathed it. Flicking at it with just the right pressure, she lost control as her head fell back, eyes squeezed tight, and with a rush she exploded for the first time that night in orgasm. Her body began to convulse as, unable to restrain herself any longer, waves of pleasure emanated from her loins and washed over her body as he continued his sucking and licking on the sensitive little knob.

Rohith tongue-fucked her relentlessly and her body jerked and rocked as though she is being fucked, her breasts wobbling and bouncing. Never would Sheela forget her first arrival at the height of sexual pleasure. The moment became etched in her soul as she gave herself to the physical surrender she was experiencing. His hands gripped her hips as he worked on her. Her hands found his head and pressed it to her opening. She screamed with pleasure as her release continually took her over the edge of ecstasy. Her hips bucked at him as she came and came on his mouth. Her juices flowed like a stream over his lips, into his mouth, and onto his face.

Rohith slowed his tongue and gradually released his lips from her clit. His mouth and chin were coated in her flow. She pulled his face to hers and plunged her tongue into his mouth. She could taste herself on his lips and tongue and enjoyed the sensation. She whispered to him her gratitude for this, her tongue-fucked orgasm. And now, it was her turn to return the same pleasure for him.

She rolled him off of her and onto his back. "I want to taste you," she said with a hunger in her voice yet not believing she had used those words. As he had done for her, she slid the pillow under his hips, raising him and creating an altar at which she would worship. His words for her were kind and encouraging as she prepared to make love to his hard manhood.

She knelt beside him and moved her face to his organ. She inhaled the musky smell of him as she moved her fingers over his thighs and belly. Her nails raked through the pubic hair that thickly covered him. So big, so strong and powerful it is, she thought. Groaning, his big cock in her fist, she jerked it gently, flipping back the foreskin, rubbing the cock-head over her cheeks and lips, her mouth open, scraping the shaft and bulging cock-head delicately with her teeth, winding her tongue lasciviously around the knob. She drooled saliva onto the shaft and spread it with her tongue, leaving a wet coating as she moved. Her hand slowly began to stroke him as she continued to move her lips over him.

"C'mon ... suck it!" he gasped. "Suck my cock, Sheela!"

Rohith began to moan. He still could not believe that this demure wife, who did not know much about fucking has transformed into a bold lady with so much skill that she was already demonstrating. He watched as she moved along his shaft, teasing him, and he ached for her to take him into her mouth.

His penis was now soaked from her drool and it dripped to his belly. Her other hand moved to the sac that contained his testicles. She cupped them in her palm and slowly played with them as her lips moved along his shaft. His hips began to respond, rising from the pillow in anticipation.

Rohith could not take his eyes off this young woman, reveling in the knowledge that she was doing everything with him as if it was their first time. That turned him on even more. He would take in every second of this and hold it in his memory for a lifetime. He ached for her to swallow him and could barely wait any longer.

"Baby, please, suck me, suck my cock," he begged. "OHHHHHH uhhh yes ... oh fuck yes!" he gasped. "Yes! Suck it! Suck my cock ... do it, Sheelu! Do it! C'mon," he cried. "Yes ... suck it! Do it, you fucking bitch! Suck my prick, slut! Suck it ... yeh ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon, suck harder, slut! Suck harder!"

The use of the word shocked Sheela but added to the moment as suddenly things became naughtier. I'll suck you, she thought. I'll suck your cock as you have never been sucked before

Sheela moaned loudly, deliriously, sucking his cock feverishly, pumping his cock in her fist, rocking her head back and forth, working his cock-head with her tongue. He gasped, groaned and his cock-head spurted pre-cum gunk. She murmured in pleasure, opening her mouth under his cock and jerking his shaft so that he could see his jizz spurting into her face.

She raised the engorged shaft until it stood perpendicular from his belly. It was full and hick, throbbing with blood, veins bulging here and there, and her hand could hardly contain it. Her eyes scanned it from its base to its head. God, it was beautiful.

She moved her tongue to the head and began to lick it, running it over the soft skin and around the hard ridge at its base. The tip of her tongue found the opening and flicked at it before trying to pry it open.

"Cum in my mouth ... please ... I want to taste your cum!" she said.

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