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Friday, February 5, 2010

First Wedding Anniversary

The rest of their honeymoon was a haze of naked, hot, eager flesh. Rohith and Sheela fucked most of the time except when they were asleep or shopping. Each Sex session was fabulous and was like in a fairyland. Rohith was never tired of Sheela and their fucking got better as his sexual skills improved rapidly under the cooperating Sheela. But they had to return back to reality and after a week of sex, fun and excitements they returned home.

Rohith had his own business of manufacturing textiles which he had built from scratch. He was a first generation entrepreneur and was very successful in the business. His customers were very happy in dealing with him because he was committed and fair in the business. As with any businessman once he was back in his office, he got more involved in business and started expanding the business.

Sheela was also busy setting up the new house Rohith has purchased after their marriage. Rohith’s parents insisted that the couple should live by themselves in the new home and they would be visiting them once in a while. Sheela loved the new home and was happy to cook and take care of Rohith. Time flew by and it was now their first wedding anniversary. Rohith told her that they will have dinner at the Taj and to be ready by 8 o clock.

Sheela decided to have a bath before going out to dinner and stepped into the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror admiring her naked body. Her hands went up under her firm, high-placed tits. Those smooth cones of titflesh quivered slightly as she squeezed them. The young woman moaned as her fingers traced over the ruddy brown, bumpy surface surrounding the hard, throbbing mushrooms that were her nipples. The body reflected back to the woman was gorgeous. Every line smooth, firm, trim, just right. After all, she was only twenty-three. She shouldn't be getting fat and sloppy. It was a good body, a great body and she admired it even more in the mirror.

Sheela started the shower, soaping her large melon-shaped titties and rubbing the bath-sponge all over her shining wet body. The bath-sponge dipped lower, brushing against the sweet shaved pussy lips and soaping her buttocks. Sheela’s eyes closed against the stinging warm spray of the showerhead. She was thinking about Rohith, wondering what time they would get back home. She was sure that Rohith would fuck her tonight as if they are in honeymoon, and Sheela blushed just thinking about some of the things that Rohith liked to do in bed.She rubbed a little harder at her, wet, silky pussy and giggled in anticipation.

Maybe Rohith would try something different in wild sex, the way she was reading in the erotic novel. That wasn’t likely to happen though. Rohith didn’t believe in doing anything wild. He wanted her to behave like a lady in bed, something that Sheela tried to do, but it was hard sometimes when the hot thrills raced through her pussy and she wanted to scream out in lust. Rohith said that wasn’t proper though. He didn’t want a whore in bed — just a sweet, innocent, little wife. Her fingers again started their erotic posts atop her tits to slither down her body. She shivered in delicious ecstasy as her fingers probed and sought all the right places, down into the sweet mound between her slender thighs.

Sheela sighed. It was hard being sweet and innocent all the time. She wondered what it would be like to be wild, like Rohith said whores were. She wouldn’t mind trying it just to see what it felt like. She’d do whatever he wanted to have a wild sex just as she read in the novels.

Thinking about what she and Rohith did in bed during their honeymoon, made Sheela’s little pussy start to twitch in a familiar way. She tried to keep her hands away from the little joy button at the top of her sweet pussyslit but it was no use. Her pussy was so hot it felt like it was going to burst into flames.
“Ooooh, mmmmmm,” Sheela sighed as her fingers slipped between the puffy pink lips of her pussy. She couldn’t seem to stop though. Her fingers glided over the smooth skin of her pussyflesh and she sighed lustfully as she found the erect lump of her clit sticking right out of the top of her shiny pussy. Her pussy was fluttering wildly and there was an ache at the back of her spasming cunt. Sheela moved directly under the spray of water and canted her hips forward, tipping them up at the same time and pulling her puffy cuntlips apart with the fingers of both hands. Then she gasped in joy. The hot spray was splattering right against her clit, sending shivers of passion through her trembling body. Sheela reached up and adjusted the spray of water until it was just the right temperature. It felt like a long, hot tongue lapping against her throbbing clit. That was how it would feel if someone licked her pussy. It was just wonderful!
Sheela was enjoying the water flow, the water buffeting Sheela’s hot little love button around. She was making little gurgling sounds, and her eyes were glazed with passion. Her titties were swelling up now, and quivering as the water pelted down on the rosy little nubs of her nipples.

Sheela sighed lustily. She dropped one hand down until her fingers touched the spasming hole of her cuntmouth. It felt so good that she poked her finger in a little way. She could feel her pussy muscles tugging and nipping at the end of her finger. Her stiff little finger felt almost like a tiny cock, poking right in the mouth of her pussy that way. Sheela plunged her two fingers in and out in an increasing rhythm of delight. It felt so good that she could hardly stop the trembling in her knees. She threw her head back and let the water beat down on her face, making little mewing sounds of pleasure. This was pure heaven, feeling the water splatter against her throbbing clit and jamming her fingers faster and faster into the spasming mouth of her hot pussy.
“Aaaagh, yesss!” Sheela groaned. She moved faster and faster and the jamming action of her plunging fingers made her titties wobble and jiggle on her chest. Sheela howled in pleasure. Her pussy was red-hot now. It spasmed and moved, nipping and tugging at her fingers, forcing them deeper and deeper into the tight ring of her cunt. She felt the thrills build up to a fever pitch. Her body felt hot under the stinging spray and the needle-sharp drops of water splattered against her clit with full force.
"Ummm, Ohhhhh," Sheela moaned as her fingers dipped between her cunt lips. She stroked slowly at first, and then built up the speed until the friction sent wondrous thrills of carnal heat all the way up and into her pussy. The dark-eyed girl wanted more of her own fingers. She doubled them inside her already juicy snatch. She frigged herself harder, deeper, until her teeth started chattering in excitement. She pushed herself all the way up to the pinnacle of a good, hard excitement.

“Aaaaagh!” Sheela squealed. She was almost coming now. The thrills got bigger and bigger, and then she was washing away on a tide of pure lust, writhing and squealing in ecstasy.

A few minutes later, Sheela emerged from the bath with a towel wrapped around her waist, her upper body bare. She started to put up a little make up and got dressed for the dinner. She put on a new bra bought just 2 days before from a famous lingerie shop dealing in imported lingerie. The new lingerie bra was glorious, a simple lightly wired cup stopped just below the nipples, gently holding the breast, almost like a hand, while leaving the nipples totally exposed. Two light straps hugged either side of both breasts. A single strap passed over each shoulder. The main back strap was similarly brief. Only the cup was solid, and only foreign companies could create such a masterpiece. It was soft, very sexy, and white. She stretched her arms one by one and passed a strap down one arm, and moved the single, thin, continuous back strap around her delicate body. She bent the other arm, and later slid both straps onto her shoulders. She pulled the cups under each breast, lovingly eased the underside into its rightful place. She began to pull the two halves together, adjusted the straps, and fastened the front clasp. Nobody could have worn such a perfect object more beautifully.

Her nipples were more exposed than hidden, and they were more erect than ever. She could not believe how sexy it felt, she had never been braless before. That was to come later. Now her new clothing would take her erotic experiences to a new level. She put a blouse back on and walked around, feeling the hard erect nipples moving gently against her clothing. The new bra was something totally different, an amazing discovery; it allowed hardly any sag, but bobbed as she walked. Yet it was so comfortable that she could feel it was hardly there. Her exposed nipples slowly became harder; they filled, and adopted the now familiar teat length.

Sheela decided on what she would wear for the dinner out. She chose a white see through silk top, which showed her nipples in all their glory, and pleated skirt. Her nipples remained incredible, erect, and, amazingly, just detectable when her silk top was pulled tight. They were only hidden by a shawl and were visible if the shawl moved.

Thirty minutes later when Sheela opened the door to Rohith, he couldn’t contain his delight at the vision of beauty before him.

"Sheela, you look fabulous," Rohith gasped.

Sheela smiled and said, "I hope I am as lovely as you have seen me on our wedding Day. Kiss me Rohith."

Rohith pulled her and kissed. Her lips were moist and soft; He could smell some fragrant perfume and he could feel her breasts pushing into him. He was immediately hard and don't know if Sheela felt him as they finished the kiss.

She giggled and said, "That's the kind of Kiss I like."

Rohith also got dressed for the dinner and in thirty minutes they went to Taj for the Dinner. The meal was wonderful; Rohith don't know what food he had, but being with Sheela made the meal wonderful. The table candle flickered and highlighted Sheela's happy face as she talked and laughed with him. Her eyes twinkled when she talked about their honeymoon last year and her passion overwhelmed him. Several times she would lean across the table and grab his arm and say, "I'm so happy to have you as my hubby Rohith."

All through the magnificent dinner she would let the shawl drop, then gently pulling it back onto her shoulders. It was a totally provocative, but natural gesture and was completely involuntary. Each movement would lightly tweak a nipple, first one way, then the other, ensuring that they remained inviting, erect, and as long as possible. It was as though they were magnetic rods; they moved up, they moved down, only to return to the same point. Rohith was entranced, goggle eyed, at his beautiful wife. She was totally demure and sexy.

They finished the meal and paid the bill at the table, gave a very good tip, and raced back home. Just as they locked the front door, they kissed. A long, lingering, passionate kiss. Their tongues casually rolling over each other, their lips wet with the mixture of saliva they created. Sheela’s heart began to pound with need for him. Her hand reached for his manhood and grasped it, slowly stroking it with her fingertips. My man's cock is enormous, she thought to herself, and she warmed at the thought that he was hers. All hers. This stallion of a man. Hers for the having. Any way she wanted. When Sheela saw the look of deep desire, sheer delight and pleasure on Rohith’s face, she was excited.

"Oh Rohith you really do want me," she breathed and then kissed as she embraced him and pushed her lovely body up as close to him, urging him to take away her clothes. "Even though I keep my body covered I still love wearing beautiful and sexy clothing," she told him, "I really like showing myself off to you."

"So do I," Rohith smiled as he kissed her again.

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