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Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Best Lesbian Sex Scenes

How in the world can you locate the 10 best lesbian sex scenes? All Lesbian sex scenes rock. That's why they're entitled "Lesbian Sex Scene". You see, the word "lesbian" is thought to mean a woman that's attracted to other women. But, in the porn world, "lesbian sex scene" means throwing two or more of the hottest female porn stars in a room and letting them devour each other. Hence the reason most men like lesbian sex scenes. Two or more hot chicks treating each other like lunch is a beautiful thing. Here are the ten best lesbian sex scenes.

  1. Paola Rey and Bobbi Blair in "Girlfriends in Bed". Paola Rey is probably the hottest Brazilian porn star ever to get busy on screen. Add another hot girl to the mix and well, you've got gold. These girls get super hot and passionate for one another. They use fingers and toys and tongues oh my. You'll wish you could be in between them. the title of this particular scene changes depending on where you go. Use Paola Rey's name to lock down the scene.
  2. Deauxma and Sunny Lane in "Sunny & Deauxma". If you're in to squirting, this is the scene for you. Deuxma is known throughout the porn world as a sex juice fountain. This chick Sunny Lane is a hell of a geyser too. These girls tear each other up while simultaneously drowning the sheets.
  3. Kerry Washington and Dania Ramirez in "She Hate Me". These names should definitely ring a bell. They're mainstream actresses. Well how did they make this list you might ask. They play lesbian lovers in the Spike Lee flick "She Hate Me". Check out the sexy scene in the kitchen with these two.
  4. Lisa Ann and Anne Marie in "Love a Dream". The scene may have a cliche set up, but the girls are far from boring. They get nasty in an office... all over a desk. You have to be pretty flexible to get down on an office table. Both of these women have a future in the circus if this porn thing doesn't pan out.
  5. Girls will Be Girls 6. This entire movie is full of extremely erotic sex scenes. Why choose this one and say, not "Girls Will Be Girls 5"? Simple. The newest porn flick is always better than the last because, well, its new. "Girls will be girls 7" will be even better than six. If, of course it's not already out.
  6. Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon in "Bound". Way to go mainstream actors! Two appearances on a best of lesbian sex scene list is very impressive. The scene's in question are all from the movie "Bound". These two girls are are sexual storms on their own. Putting them together on screen created a tornado of freakiness. Jennifer Tilly's body is emaculate while Gina Gershon's sexual presence is unmatched.
  7. Ramona Luv and Anne Marie in "Babes Illustrated 12". Yes, Anne Marie made it on here twice. Way to go hot and sexy girl. Dedication to perfecting your craft is quite commendable. You'll love how Ramona goes ummm, deep sea diving with her tongue in this one. Wow!
  8. Lola Martin and Obsession in "Latina Lesbians". Obsession is one of the more popular African American porn stars. She's known for being able to take huge punishment, if you get the meaning. Huge. With all her hard work, the producers must have decided to take it easy on her letting Lola Martin service her a little. A truly hot lesbian sexual encounter here.
  9. Nicole Sheridan and Jenna Jameson in "Blonde Lesbian Bombshells".Come on guys, it's Jenna Jameson. You'd watch Jenna get down with a blow up doll or even a sock puppet. It's Jenna Freaking Jameson dude.
  10. Charley Chase and Capri Anderson in "Damn She's a Lesbian". The stuff wet dreams are made of fellas. They do just about everything. Charley Chase is fine enough to be a super model. Thank goodness she decided to get down and dirty on the screen for the benefit of males everywhere.

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