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Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Erotic Movies For Couples

If you are looking for a good film to spice up your weekend movie time with your girlfriend, don't forget to watch the best 10 erotic movies for couples. These sensual films will arouse the senses of both you and your partner, and turn the couch into the spot for steamy actions.

  1. "Like Water for Chocolate." This foreign film won the Academy Award and Golden Globe in 1993. With passionate Mexican actors and attractive actresses, "Like Water for Chocolate" will lead you and your partner to a sensual journey of food, pleasure, sex and forbidden love. This film is bursting with flavors, passion, pain and female eroticism, making it one of the best erotic movies for couples.
  2. "The Lover." "Like Like Water for Chocolate," "The Lover" is another film based in an exotic setting. In the film, a young French girl is studying in Saigon and begins a sensual relationship with a Chinese man as she explores her sexuality as a woman. "The Lover" is one of the best erotic movies for couples because of the naive puppy love and romantic bedroom scenes it portrays.
  3. "Beau Pere." French films are mostly known for their sensuality, and "Beau Pere" is no exception. This is a controversial film about the love relationship between a stepfather and his 14 year-old stepdaughter who is secretly in love with him until her mother dies. This is one of the best erotic movies for couples who enjoy coming-of-age stories and are open to questions about lust and morality.
  4. "Lipstick on Your Collar." This British movie is sexual, arousing and at the same time, outrageously funny. It makes the list of 10 best erotic movies for couples because you and your partner will undoubtedly enjoy the witty banters, sophisticated music and the sexual side of some of the most famous British actors like Ewan McGregor!
  5. "Lies." This Korean film may be one of the most controversial erotic movies for couples. It tells the story of a teenage girl who hopes to lose her virginity to a married sculptor. As their relationship unfolds, the sculptor's obsession for sadomasochistic sex acts begins to emerge. The once-innocent girl is surprised to discover that she too enjoys the pain and suffering of sex as she becomes the muse of the sculptor.
  6. "Stealing Beauty." You may not be able to imagine Liv Tyler in one of the best erotic movies for couples, but her acting in "Stealing Beauty" has made the film into a pleasurable and sensual piece of art. Taking refuge in Italy after her mother's death, Liv Tyler's character is pursued and seduced by the many artists in the neighborhood, including a playwright who is dying of AIDS.
  7. "Wild Things." This movie may not be a genius artistic creation, but with its unabashed sex scenes between students and teachers, it becomes one of the best erotic movies for couples. Do not expect anything more than steamy interactions among attractive actors and actresses or you will be significantly disappointed.
  8. "Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love." You may only know Kama Sultra as the Indian encyclopedia for sex, but it is also a great erotic movie that you and your partner can enjoy together. The movie has a decent plot although, at times, the story is weak. The highlight of this Indian film is that it will satisfy you and your partner's voyeurism as you two admire how the different sex positions are performed.
  9. "Color of Night." This thriller is one of the best erotic movies for couples as it blends sensuality together with mystery. In the movie, a psychologist is drawn into an explosively sensual, yet manipulated relationship with a mysterious woman while he attempts to identify the cruel murderer of his colleague.
  10. "Wild Orchid." Set in Rio de Janeiro, this movie depicts the dramatically sexual relationships among the young characters. You and your partner will enjoy the sophisticated dialogues and kinky sex games in the movie.

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