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Monday, December 27, 2010

5 Best Breast Kissing Scenes In Movies

f you want to see the best in movie sex, then you need to see the following 5 best breast kissing scenes in movies. While sex in movies is great, sometimes all we want to see is a great breast kissing scene. The following breast kissing scenes in movies offer the steamiest moments with the hottest actors and actresses we've seen yet!

  1. "Bound" (1996). Easily one of the most famous love scenes between two women on film, this also contains one of the best breast kissing scenes in movies. Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly consummate their love for one another amidst low lights and a $2 million heist. If you love a good thriller with sexy female leads, check this film out.
  2. "Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love" (1996). This under-appreciated British flick tells the tale of love and loss in pre-colonial India. In one of the steamiest sex scenes in the movie, of which there were many, Indira Varma gives Sarita Chodhury's character a full-contact lesson on how to better in between the sheets. Easily one of the hottest and most exotic breast kissing scenes in movies.
  3. "Chloe" (2009). This sexy thriller stars Julianne Moore as a suspicious wife who hires prostitute Amanda Seyfried to seduce her husband to prove his apt for infidelity. In one of the movies more surprising scenes, Seyfried and Moore share a steamy sex scene in which the younger woman brings the older to orgasm while planting sweet kisses on her sweater muffins. If you're looking for one of the best breast kissing scenes in movies, look no further.
  4. "Breast Men" (1997). This dark comedy about the advent of breast enhancement surgery contains one of the best breast kissing scenes in movies. David Schwimmer, playing Dr. Kevin Saunders, submerges himself in a world of drugs and sex after the rampant success of boob jobs. In one such scene, we get to see the good doctor kissing and snorting cocaine off of a patient's newly-enhanced love taps.
  5. "Wild Things" (1998). Easily one of the hottest movies of all time, this film also contains some of the best breast kissing scenes ever. Particular to our interest is the threesome among Denise Richards, Neve Campbell, and Matt Dillon. We don't think that cinema can get any better than this.

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