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Monday, December 27, 2010

Nurse Sex Movies

What normal red-blooded heterosexual man has never had the need to watch some nurse sex movies? Nurses have always been one of the ultimate sexual fantasies for men and probably some women. Sexy nurses provide the sexual healing that fantasies scream for. Their tight uniforms and short skirts that follow high heels and those cute hats atop hair wrapped in a bun. Oh, and we can't forget about those sharp lashes and ruby lips. Some of the best sex scenes bring the hot nurse sex in the erotic depth of our minds in to reality. Here are a couple of tender morsels of sex for you to indulge from this wildcat nurse:

  1. "Dorm Daze 2": Hot latina model Vida Guerra plays nurse to help her man with some sexual healing. Though it leaves to the imagination, it is a great little start to get the blood boiling.
  2. "Not of This Earth": Traci Lords plays a nurse for an outer space vampire and has a brief scene of loving where her hotness is in full display with a local cop.
  3. "The Sensuous Nurse": Ursula Andress plays a sexy nurse who leaves nothing to the imagination in a family conspiracy to kill off a wealthy widower with one last romp.
  4. "Trailer Trash Nurses 3 (Legend)s: Kiki D'Aire & company scorch up the screen as these nurses dish out their own brand of sexual healing to the country folk in need of a cure to their ills. From hood of the ambulance to the emergency room, this nurse sure did cure that stud's erectile dysfunction for sure.
  5. "Nurses": Kiki D'Aire returns for some more hot sex action as a nurse who gives a patient in a hospital bed the tender love and care most men only pray for in their wildest dreams. Now that is healthcare!

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