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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enjoying women's breast -- secret of longevity

There are a lot of macrobiotic secrets and methods in the world. Now introduce several kinds of macrobiotic methods especially.

1. Walking fast

While exploring the macrobiotic secret, Japanese scholar finds that people of longevity have the habit of walking quickly. With fast pace of walking, people can promote the vitality of the cardiovascular system, increase the respiratory muscle function, lower blood cholesterol and avoid the occurrence of high blood pressure.

2. Being lazy occasionally

The lazy theory that can lengthen the life-span has its scientific basis. Germany Fulda University professor of health Peter come up with the longevity formula "avoiding pressure + sleeping more + diet or fasting for two days every month". He points out, if it's exhausted due to excessive work or exercise, then what is waiting for us can only be the death coming ahead of time.

3. Keeping reading

The propaganda slogan that "the books lengthen the life-span" that Spanish Ministry of Culture shows in order to popularize the reading habit is very proper. Since research experts believe that reading is one of the important factors for a long life.

4. See the comedy

Laughter can accelerate blood circulation and blood vessels. The research group of University of Maryland leading by professor Michel Miller proved that people's blood circulation rises by 22% after finishing watching the comedy. Miller thinks that watching the comedy is the most ideal supplementary way of physical training. It does not cost energy. Spending 3 days every week and 15 minutes every time is enough.

5. Enjoying women's breast

Scientists found that enjoying women's breast every day for 10 minutes is beneficial to the health. This can at least reduce the risk of suffering from myocardial infarction. The medical expert Karen Weatherbee believes that it is especially suitable for a 40-year-old man.

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