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Friday, February 5, 2010

Subbulaxmi - The queen of lust

I was born in a lower middle class family. My father worked as class 4 worker in a central govt co. We lived in a very small village nearby the town where my father worked to save some money in rent. It is a very small house and we lived in I floor. He died when I was kid. I had one big brother and a little sister. If my dad was alive, I could have got more bro’s and sis. When he died my mom got money from co and thro insurance. Some people helped her then and she bought the house we lived. We left the lower portion for rent and she worked in many houses / some companies and brought us up. We were not very bright students, but my mom very curious to make us graduates. Because of her words, I always thought of becoming rich. We did schoolings in a nearby village but for degree we went to college in the nearby town by bus. Now I am married and my husband is an engineer in a big ltd co and was in a status of upper middle class. I got all these things just because of the small hole I have. I used it wisely, but not as a whore, to become I am as of now.
Now, I am 5’6” tall. Very fair (this helped me as a trump card) Long hair, Bright big eyes, Sharp nose, long neck, broad shoulders, Bigger breasts, small navel, very big butts (compared to my size), little hairy body, fleshy and firm thighs and on top of all very nice fleshy cunt. While walking I will held my head high, open chest and long foot. So, my breasts will heave heavily.
When I started going to college by bus, being very fair, every guys will be roaming behind me. In college campus too everybody including staffs will be staring at me. Till then I know nothing. But in bus, everybody will surround me and will be touching me here & there. Some time from behind they will be brushing their shaft in between my butts. First I couldn’t understand what they are using to poke into my butts. Because it is very harder and sometimes it is very hot.
In the class we friends would be talking about it and they clarified my doubts. A girl sitting nearby me, a hosteller taught me some lessons and told about the experiences she had with her bro’s & cousins. It made me hot. After that I started loving the bus experiences. I longed for someone to poke his dick in my butts. I will lean a little forward and lift my butts to enjoy the virtual fuck in my ass. Some will use their elbow to crush my boobs. When I am getting in to the bus, the guys will pat my ass. Some will put hand in my hip. I will feel their hot breath in my back neck. On getting into bus, I will search for new guy every day and will stand before him. I will be holding the bar above with one hand and some books in one hand. Then automatically the guy behind me would try to find my butt. As soon as he reach the target, I will raise my ass a little. He will start jerking, using the motion of bus. If the driver applied brake, the shaft will go deep like trying to make a hole and enter my body. The guy aside me will bring his elbow to my boob and I make the necessary turns and hide it from other eyes with the books I hold in my hand. So, every guys who are regular in the bus will be loving me in their mind. The girl also continued to talk all the dirty things she had now & then.
__________________To help my mom monetarily, after returning from college I took tuition to some 10th standard boys & girls. My bro was studying in polytechnic and he will go to an engineering co in the town and come only by 10’o clock. My sister is still doing schoolings and she worked in a provisional store nearby (I too worked there before). It is itching me inside, to show my beauty to the boys studying tuition and wanted their hands on me. I didn’t thought of getting fucked by then but want them to long for me. I planned and asked the boys to sit in front as they are not watching the class carefully and the girls at back. Then I wore the skirt & tops I used to wear early when I was going to school and walk in between the boys sitting in the floor. The skirt would be small and the boys will be watching my long & little hairy legs, my thighs and panty too. They were giggling initially and were talking huskily between them. I am very happy, but in a while that too didn’t thrilled me.
So I decided not to wear panty and show them my pussy too. But thought the pubic hair over my cunt would be ugly and at the same time it will obstruct them to see my cunt fully. I cannot go and ask for a razor in my village. I also doesn’t know how to use it. So, I talked to my hosteller friend that I want to remove pubic hair just to keep it clean. She asked me to come to her room with a razor, so that she could guide me.The next day I took my bro’s razor and told my mom that I have to copy some notes from my hosteller friend and will be late in evening. I showed her the razor and she immediately asked me to come to her hostel room. I didn’t wanted to cut the class, but she insisted and told that it will be safe for us as the hostel will be empty only during class hours. It seemed logical to me and we both left classroom after first period.
On entering her room, she locked the door and asked me to sit in her bed. She went into the bathroom and came out in a while. Then she asked me too to go and clean. “Clean what?, what are you saying” I asked her. “Go and wash your cunt” she whispered. I got into the bathroom and cleaned with soap and water. I felt differently. My mind was in a different state of tune. I felt like flying high.
When I came back, she, she, she stood nude in front of me. She is smiling. She is little dark complexion, average body, small but stiff round boobs, black nips, tight stomach with big navel, a clean shaven plumpy cunt, the clit was just there and thunderous thighs. I couldn’t get what is happening. I stood shocked and was speechless. This is the first time I was in such a situation.
But she is so cool and told “come on subbu, remove your clothes”. I stood still. She came near me, looked into my eyes, smiled and once again said, “come on subbu, remove your clothes”. I doesn’t know what to do. She rounded her arms around my neck, came more near, smiled once again and just planted a small little kiss in my dry lips. A shock run all through my body. First kiss of my love life. I was still staring at her. Now she hugged me and kissed in my lips once again, but this time longer. She ran her tongue all through my lip line and then probed it into my mouth. I felt her tongue in my tongue and could feel the taste of her tongue, Oh really different. I closed my eyes and started enjoying it. She tightened her arms and the kiss is fierce full now and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Fantastic it is. My breasts hardened up, the tits stood hard and straight, my hip automatically moved towards her and my butts tightened. I started moaning, breathed heavily. She didn’t stopped kissing but moved me towards bed and laid me on it.
She was on top of me now and I enjoyed her weight on me. Now she got up and sat right over my pussy. She started unbuttoning my blouse. I didn’t resist her. Opened my eyes and looked at her. She smiled heartily, her tits were standing hard & erect. Her legs were wide opened and the black hair less pussy had its mouth opened with some sticky fluid over there. I loved her pose. I wanted it not to end. She had unbuttoned my blouse and lifted me up to remove it and my bra. My boobs were opened to free air, she touched it gently and squeezed it then kneaded the very erect hard tits. My tits stood more than half an inch. She lowered her face came closer to my boobs and kissed both the tits. I felt my breast would burst. “Hey Subbu, do you like this?” she asked. I nodded. She smiled and said, “ Subbu, would you kiss me in my boobs and everywhere you like?” I felt shy but she brought her boob near my mouth. I just kept staring at it. So she brushed in my lips with her tits. Suddenly I turned mad and took it in my mouth and started to suck it hard and tried to milk it out. She embraced me and forced her boob more into my mouth and started moaning. I sucked both the boobs and enjoying the happenings. She slowly lowered her hand and pulled my skirt and inskirt’s knot. I felt free air over my private parts there. She is moaning and telling “Subbu, Subbu, I am attracted to you the first day I saw you, from then I am awaiting for a situation like this, and I should thank god for making such a situation”. Then she got up, stood on floor and pulled my skirts down. Now my cunt with little hair over it is visible, she stared at it, holded my legs apart and lowered her face and kissed right at the head of the twitching clit. Then probed her tongue out and started licking the wet hot pussy like a mad cow. She is groaning like a bull. I couldn’t keep the pleasures she is giving me. I started to moan heavily and groan. I am pushing my hip into her mouth. She is licking all over, the clit, inserting her hot tongue into the wet hole gushing out love heat. I felt something all over my body, my body shivered, I felt like I am to piss off into her mouth, then the thing busted in my under belly and I squirted more and more hot love juices into her mouth. She sucked off like that she is sucking out my life through my cunt. Ooh… Ooh… Ooh… Ooh… Oooooohhhh (even now my cunt squirting the love juice, just by thinking of it, so I take some time to enjoy the thoughts)She raised her head from my fully discharged wet lusty cunt. Her mouth is full of the sticky love juice, all over her face and a little even dripped from her face. I was very excited to see her. She smiled and said’ “Thanks subbu, very very thanks”. I was very fond of her now, after showing me swarg, after giving me such a pleasurable moment of my life; she is now thanking me for that. I told, “No Sara, I should thank you for showing me the wonder land, you have taught me a lot”. She replied, “Taught a lot, hey, Subbu, it is just the start, there is more and more to enjoy in our life time. Even though I had experiences with my bro’s and cousins, you are the first lady in my life and I too enjoyed this day. I am in love for your body from the day one I saw you, Your color attracted me, your lips were maddening me all the time, the hidden boobs send a lightning into my nerves whenever I saw it and those nice butts killed me whenever you walk in front of me. Now I have got you in my lap. I have tasted you, the real you through your cunt. You are my life. Wait, I will come now” and went into bath room and came after a while washing her face and body. Then she pulled me up and took to bath room and cleaned my body too. She is enjoying it. A beautiful smile stayed in her face all thro. Then we came out, she searched for something in her suitcase. She turned with a gold chain having heart shaped pendant. She opened the pendant and showed me, her photo is in there. She locked it and wore it in my neck. “Subbu, this is our wed lock. It should remain in your neck all thro your life. Okay?” she told. The chain is 3 sovereign. I was amused. Still we were nude. It is time for college lunch break. So, we dressed quickly, opened the door and again lay in the bed, talking sweet things. She told me, “Subbu you should come to my room daily and be with me for an hour at least. And whenever time permits, we will have sex too”. I told “Sara, I have taken you as my life partner and I will meet you daily in the morning, because I am taking tuition to some students which is a must for our family. The remaining life will be wonderful for both of us”. “No subbu, I will get you whatever money you need” she said. But I refused “No Sara, my family may get suspicion, so, I have to continue. Don’t worry; I can’t live any more without you. So will come and meet you daily”. Then after lunch we went to our class. We sat more closely and were seeing each other without any words but smiling.In the evening once again I went with her to her room. Her roommate was there in the room. When she went out for some work, she closed the door and undressed me swiftly. She put a full news paper on the bed and made me sit on that. Then laid me on bed spitted some water on my cunt and started shaving the pubic hair. After shaving, she cleaned and then kissed it passionately. Now I raised her skirt up, kneeled and kissed her black pussy. It tasted a little sore. I got the inner lip of her cunt with my lips and pulled it out, but it slipped. I continued again and again to pull it out with my lips and it slipped again and again. She started to moan and pressed her pelvis into my face holding my head with hands. I now started to plough her cunt with my tongue all along the ridge in between those plump fleshy outer lips of her cunt. I could find her clit getting bigger and the holy hole down there getting hot. Then I pushed my middle finger into that pinky hole. She jerked and moved her legs closer to my wide opened pussy. I started to brush my cunt on her legs while finger fucking her and haven’t stopped my tongue work too. Sooner her cunt creamed and the cum started to ooze out. My mouth is full of her sticky cum. She gasped. Suddenly somebody knocked the door. Suddenly she sent me into bathroom and throwed my dress in. She too dressed swiftly and went to open the door. I cleaned my mouth, face and the clean shaven, half creamed cunt which glittered as fresh piece. I dressed, came out and started home.
While returning home by bus, Sara’s boobs, butts and her pussy came in front of my eyes. My mouth felt her hot cum, I felt the smell of her cunt in my nose. All the pleasurable moments ran in my mind and because of that my cunt became wet. On entering home I found all the students have come for tuition. I swiftly changed to the half skirt and tight blouse. Yes, haven’t worn panties and brassiere. When I am walking thru the boys everyone is staring into my skirt. They would have got a glimpse of my lusty cunt getting squeezed in between my legs. It started to water more and I could feel it in between my thighs. In the light there they could have also seen my nips as it is stiff now, thro my white blouse. Two of them even started to brush their shaft over their trousers. I am enjoying their actions. I felt like I am the queen of lust, universal beauty.
On that night, I couldn’t sleep. I am aroused and a new thing arises in my mind. Yes I want to see a shaft in my naked eye. Feel it in my hand at least. How could it be made possible…………
I don’t know when I slept, but get an urge to piss off in the middle. I got up and went to bathroom. I have to cross open terrace to go to bath room. My big brother is sleeping alone there bare chest and his dhoti is raised, hence his thighs were visible in the moon light. I stood there and watching it. It is different from women thighs. It looked stronger than Sara’s and mine. It looked broader than ours. The hair on his body is thicker than ours. What shall I do to see his shaft which is still hiding inside his dhoti. That place seems to be bulgier. I called him, “Bro, bro…” Seemed he is in deep sleep. Shall I touch him? I was little afraid. So went to bathroom. But the urge to see a shaft was growing in my mind. While returning too I stood near him. I sat and raised his dhoti slowly without disturbing him. Yes a Looney thing is resting over a filled sack. I wanted to touch it but I heard some sound and so left the place and went to bed. My whole body is restless. I felt as my under belly is weighing a lot. It itched inside my holy hole. What to do……………… ? ? ?

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