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Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Famous Fat Actors

It's better to be a "phat" actor, even though that term is now outdated, than one of the 10 famous fat actors. Sadly, being fat usually means being unhealthy, and a few of these great big guys are no longer with us. Some of them, such as Chris Farley, used girth to their advantage. Others, like John Belushi, earned leading man roles, in spite of his size.

  1. John Belushi. Poor Belushi, was taken from us early because of drugs. But he was great in "Saturday Night Live." He also had a few roles where he got to play a true lady's man.
  2. John Candy. Candy first made his mark with "SCTV." He also had some wonderful roles in John Hughes films. He was a fat actor, it's true, but he was also lovable.
  3. Chris Farley. Farley really used his weight to comedic advantage. The way he pulled his pants up high as the motivational speaker in "Saturday Night Live" was probably this fat actor at his funniest.
  4. Burl Ives. Which kid didn't grow up hearing him narrate Christmas shows on TV? This big guy is probably best known for his unique voice.
  5. Dennis Franz. Franz is not only a few pants sizes too large, but he's also played a cop on TV. One has to wonder what he did to the donut business because no self-respecting cop really wants to have his girth.
  6. Sydney Greenstreet. Can you believe this gent was already 62 and around 300 pounds when he made his debut as an actor? Fat chance, indeed.
  7. Raymond Burr. Burr is best known for playing a lawyer. But he was no fat cat. He had great eyes, and an immediately recognizable voice.
  8. Charles Laughton. He was a great old actor, playing Bligh in "Mutiny On The Bounty," among other things. He had a bounty of skills, as well as pounds.
  9. Forest Whitaker. He knew all there was to know about "The Crying Game." He my be a big boy, but he's also an Academy award winning actor that is one of the modern greats.
  10. Brian Dennehy. Dennehy is a tough guy movie star. But did you know he has also starred on Broadway, too? Yep, he has.

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