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Monday, December 27, 2010

5 Erotic Movies For Couples

So, you're looking for five erotic movies for couples. First of all, congratulations are in order. If you're looking for five erotic couples movies, it means you plan on watching a bit of porn with your lady friend. Excellent. It also means you've found a young lady that doesn't mind watching a little porn, erotic couples movies or other wise. Once again, excellent. Good that's out of the way, on to business. What sort of erotic couples movies are you looking for? There's a wide range of stuff out there to choose from. From the instructional to the down right nasty, erotic movies for couples span the entire spectrum of porn. Here are a few good erotic flicks that cater to couples.

  1. "101 Positions for Lovers." It's called an educational sex video. Yeah, yeah educational stuff can be boring. And this particular video would've been boring too if it wasn't for one thing. The hot actresses and the dudes (who cares) actually perform these 101 different positions. So you can learn something while simultaneously being turned on. Awesome. And yes, the girls are hot as hell. There may be some eye candy for your lady friend as well, but who cares about that?
  2. "For Couples Only." It's four discs long. It has some of the hottest girl in the porn business getting down on screen. You'll find yourself looking at these DVDs even when your lady friend isn't around. Just tell her its for educational purposes. You're trying to learn more, to please her better. Sounds believable right?
  3. "I Dream of Jenna." Girls like Jenna. Guys like Jenna. It's a win, win situation. Just make sure the DVD stays at your house. Because, you know just as well as the next guy. Guys like Jenna Jameson a lot more than the girls do.
  4. "Eyes of Desire." Stupid story. Sexy girls. One chick watches a few people through a telescope. She get's hot. A lot of freaky things commence on the screen. Then somebody starts watching her, watching somebody else. And you guessed it, a whole lot of good sex happens. All you need is the hot girls and the sex. The story line makes no difference. The sex scenes are guaranteed to get your lady hot and bothered. You know you wont have any problems doing the same.
  5. "Sex Island." Tera Patrick is the star. Go get it. Now. No seriously, get up and go get this one. Oh yeah, they get nasty on an island. What are you waiting for? Go get it.

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